Rise with Republic: Cohort.1

3 min readOct 18, 2021

Meet the Rise with Republic founders! Our first program focuses on empowering early-stage founders by guiding them through the intricacies of fundraising led by industry leaders: Sahil Lavingia, Jenny Fielding, Cat Hernandez, Charlie O’Donnell, Anna Barber, Jessica Lin and many more.

Our inaugural cohort features a group of 33 exceptional and diverse entrepreneurs, pioneering solutions to some of today’s most pressing challenges. We couldn’t be more thrilled to welcome these mission driven founders to the program.

Manju Dawkins, Achelon

Achelon is a physician-led innovation studio committed to improving medical experiences for everyone.

Sofia Palamarchuk, Apptim

Apptim makes it easier and faster to find performance issues in mobile app performance through testing.

Nikki Barua, Beyond Barriers

Beyond Barriers empowers women leaders through coaching, personal transformation and community engagement.

Katie Raeburn, BIOMILK

BIOMILK creates natural, safe, sustainable, and clean skincare products that work with all skintypes.

Ashley Nickelsen, B.T.R Bar

B.T.R. Bar is on a mission to end mindless snacking one purpose-driven ingredient at a time.

Karen Wilson, childNEXUS

ChildNEXUS connects families with professionals to treat children for neurodevelopmental and social-emotional difficulties.

Reetu Gupta, Cirkled In

Cirkled In is a platform allowing students’ to share their educational story: beyond test scores and linking directly to colleges.

Herb Coakley, Courial
Courial is a platform for everything a delivery courier needs; created by gig-workers for gig-workers.

Shrey Gosalia, Docket

Docket is a centralized platform for legal teams showcasing the value of legal to the enterprise via collaboration and insightful analytics.

Craig James, Dwell Optimal

Dwell Optimal optimizes environments for corporate travel, providing the best for both living and working.

Liz Turrigiano, Esembly

Esembly provides sustainable and easy to use cloth diapers produced from post-consumer plastic bottles.

Yemi Olorunwunmi, Everyspace

Everyspace is a virtual space creating authentic employee experiences by empowering community leaders and getting the most of existing toolkits.

Maria Tanjala, FilmChain

FilmChain collects, allocates and analyses revenues for films, TV and digital video content, on the blockchain.

Annelise Hillmann, FRONTMAN

FRONTMAN is an acne fader that covers breakouts in seconds and treats them all day with dermatologist-approved ingredients.

Kathryn Rose, getWise

getWise connects women on-demand with top consultants, mentors, coaches and executives for professional success.

Mei Lin Ng, Hearth Display

Hearth Display is a digital, touchscreen for family management and productivity, made to lighten the load of organization for busy families.

Evan Shy, hiitide

Hiitide translates the wisdom in books into a shared daily practice through book clubs and author engagement.

Larissa Licha & Kenny Wilkins, Joyn

Joyn is a community-based mental health app built for the workplace providing 1:1 matching and community groups based on shared experience.

Micah Green, Maidbot

Maidbot is more than a vacuum: revolutionizing the commercial cleaning industry by leaving dull, dirty, and dangerous tasks to autonomous solutions.

Mary Fox, Marlow

Marlow creates access to high quality executive style coaching for managers and emerging leaders.

Jodi Neuhauser, Ovaterra

Ovaterra creates clinical-grade supplements aiming to support reproductive and sexual health, right down to a cellular level.

Manju Somashekar, Poppins

Poppins is an all-in-one tool to capture action items within your everyday work apps to organize, collaborate and track without switching context.

Cori Sue Morris, Retreat Foods

Retreat Foods’ adaptogenic nut butters help reduce stress, fight inflammation, and provide protein.

Michael Fisher, Rotten

Rotten’s sickeningly delicious gummy worms are made from real fruit and 70% less sugar.

Anthony Do, Rx Delivered Now

Rx Delivered Now automates pharmacy logistics and communications through pharmacy system integrations.

Qasim Ashraf, Savitar

Savitar is a high-end sneaker company providing customers with a seamless way to incorporate insights to athletic performance.

Dianna Lesage, Savr

SAVR provides sales training through virtual reality experiences increasing performance and maximizing sales efficiency.

Luis Barrera, Splyt

Splyt converts a picture of a bill into an online checklist where friends can select their items & pay the person who put their card down.

Megan Takeda-Tully, Suppli

Suppli is an end-to-end ecosystem for reusable takeout containers striving for a more sustainable world.

Jason Tissera, Upmarket

Upmarket onboads new hires to make sales calls for SaaS, Healthcare, and Logistics from Day One.

Nathan Littlewood, Urban Leaf

Urban Leaf creates indoor and urban edible gardening kits for all skill levels; backyard not required.

Krystal Persaud & Parinda Darden, Wild Grid Solar

Wild Grid Solar makes the switch to solar easy, accessible, and attainable for everyone.




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